About Us
Welcome to Zophim Records. This is the place to find releases by
Sombrance, Ishur Ninku, Unicks Face, Rick Mester, and many more!
Zophim Records is a means to promote indie music
projects without the grip of the corporate big brother
(even when he claims to be Indie).
ZR prides itself with diversity of talent and personality. From the
Ambient chill of Ishur Ninku, to the melancholy of
Sombrance, ZR has a lot to offer fans regardless of race,
religion, or creed.
A common question that ZR gets is regarding the Faith of
it's artists. The artists all profess their Faith openly
and throughout their music. If you ever have a question,
you can email them!
Finally, we will always strive to keep the cost of CD's
low so the consumer wins. Keep checking back here to see
what new projects are coming out!
Peace and Independence,
Zophim Records
Contact us at:
Zophim Records
8333 Walter Avenue
St. Louis, MO
© 2002 Sombrant Reality Productions
Most Recent Albums
Wallpaper Sky
Rick Mester
Ishur Ninku