Beyond The Red Door

Do you ever find yourself bored and longing to do something constructive?  Well whisk away that boredom while writing a nice review for Beyond The Red Door!

Beyond The Red Door is making its way out to the digital stores as I type this.  It’s already made it to iTunes, Google Play, Rhapsody, X-Box Music and many others.  It will continue seeping into shops like Amazon in the coming days as well.

I am putting out a humble and slightly begging request that you listen to the songs on your favorite streaming service or buy them from your favorite digital store.  Then write a review for Beyond The Red Door on those sites.  Reviews from listeners are huge in getting the word out for indie bands!

I truly thank you for even taking time to read this!  Below are some links (that I know of) that you can find Beyond The Red Door.  Some streaming services require membership, so I am not sure if they have the record or not yet.

Google Play
Xbox Music
Slacker Radio


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