What are people saying about Ishur Ninku?


Hey!! I loved the music, especially the last two.. Hollow Skies and the Dawn of Ra!! I just loved those songs!!
**D3V!L G¡|2L** from Mexico

Absolutely love Hollow Skies, keep up the good work.
lillyanna from Iceland


Hey!!! your music is so sexy… perfect for having sex saludos desde Mexico!!
Laura from Mexico


I feel that your music is projecting sacredness and you are somewhat exposed… I love the Dawn of RA because the beat is like a shaman’s drum, and the drum is the heart of Earth. I can’t describe it- multi dimentional, and awesome! Lovng the tunes… HUGS

Jen from Colorado


I want to close my eyes and sit back and relax to the sound of these soothing beats.. Am loving the vocals especially in “The Dawn of RA.”
Meenu from California

I am impressed with your music. In fact, it’s very moving like Exstus and Govinda’s… let me know if you ever decide to come play in Austin!

Nina from Texas

I enjoy the genre and vibe of your sound. It has a specific place in the ethosphere that can lay a framework for any setting or circumstance. Cosmic theme music…

Will-Harmonic from California

awesome tunes! 🙂

Irach from USA

Great Music!! Awesome sound! Trance and dream inducing!

Leja from Nevada

Dear Ishur, HOLY CRAP!!! YOUR SOUND IS AWESOME!!! I am really floored! Just amazing!!! Wow!

Amethyste from USA

This is some of the best music that I have had the good fortune to stumble upon!

Alyce from USA

We just added you to our favorites list! Beautifuly hypnotic sound!
Argyle Park

This is some of the best stuff I’ve heard in a while on here.
I usually don’t add bands to my friends list but this is too awesome not too.

Mel from Nevada

Lovely music. You guys know how to create atmosphere.
Fractured Light

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